toyota landcruiser for sale

A: check the autotrader or the trucktrader.

Q: hi anyone selling any toyota landcruiser?
please contact me as soon as possible as i am intrested if you have got one for sale.

A: Check

Q: Nissan Patrol or Toyota Landcruiser??
Please help us decide which to choose, which is better and why? Also how much may I expect to receive as a trade - in or private sale for '95 VS Commodore Executive sedan in average condition?

A: it depends what engine you're looking at- i think they're both pretty tough. personally i think you get a bit more for your money with patrols and they are very reliable- i don't have asmuch experience with lancruisers though.
trade in on a vs will be pretty close to bugger all unfortunately.
i'd try for a private sale but the world has gone petrol price crazy, so it might be frustrating to sell.

Q: what sells more per 4X4?
Hey all,

we're wondering what sells more within Australia and NZ??

Nissan Patrol V's Toyota Landcruiser

does anyone know any good sites for car sales stats??


Mitch and Aaron

A: No expert, but there seems to be a lot more cruisers running around.
They are popular for city folk (class leading power and comfort levels), and for the country (superior dealer/service network).